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The Shaklee supplements listed below under the vegan and then the vegetarian are meant as guidelines.  Many/most of the products listed come in 'families' and groupings of products, with flavor, size and form (powder, capsules, tablets, liquid, bars, etc.).  Keeping in mind that NONE of the Shaklee family of products use any animal testing and most are organic we hope you can enjoy the selection.  As strict Plant Based Lifestyle people, we always examine the labels.  Frankly, many of the products listed in the vegetarian section look pretty vegan to us; except for minor ingredient or capsule issues.  Shaklee, when specifying Vegan goes to an extreme definition so if you can take just a bit of comprise, please examine the labels on all products of interest and their variations.  When in doubt, please call or contact us (see tab below on each page) and we will find the answer and provide it to you!

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Shaklee Vegan Supplements

Shaklee avoids the use of animal-derived ingredients whenever possible. However, in order to meet quality and efficacy standards, animal sourced ingredients are required for some products. For example, most gel encapsulated supplements utilize purified bovine-only (beef) collagen to ensure stability and potency. OmegaGuard and Vitalizer’s Caroto-E-Omega capsule contain omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil because it is the best source of EPA and DHA. Dietary supplements that contain vitamin D use cholecalciferol, which is derived from lanolin in sheep’s wool. To aid vegetarians in their selection of Shaklee dietary supplements, the following products contain no animal-derived ingredients:

February 27, 2013

Vegetarian Shaklee Supplements

Shaklee chooses vegetarian-sourced ingredients whenever possible. In some cases, we may need to use animal derived ingredients in order to meet efficacy standards that provide maximum health benefits.

For example, the gelatin in most gel encapsulated supplements contains purified beef collagen. No pork ingredients are used in any supplement. In the Shaklee Life Strip OmegaGuard Plus, Vitalizer Caroto-E-Omega, and OmegaGuard, we source the omega- fatty acids from fish oil, since that is the best source of EPA and DHA. These are not considered vegetarian.

The only reliable source of vitamin D is vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, which is extracted from sheep’s wool. Because there is no animal component in the Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), we consider this a vegetarian ingredient and product.

Below is a listing of all current Shaklee nutritional products that we consider to be vegetarian:

Vita-Lea (Men, Women, Gold)

September 2015