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The entire Shaklee product line focuses on general and overall Health & Wellness.

The Shaklee Product lines are vast and diverse but these will help you get started on your way to a healthier longer life!  You will feel better, look better and live better with Shaklee!

Promote Every Aspect of a Healthier Life

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living recommends and promotes a Plant Based Lifestyle.  For this reason we have a breakdown of Shaklee products (supplements and dietary products) identifying which are strictly Vegan and which are Vegetarian.  These is much overlap but they are duplicated in each table to be found here: Shaklee Products Table.

Shaklee provides the best nutrition in every area that matters. From vitamin and mineral supplements, cognitive, joint and heart health*, and weight-loss products, to skin care, healthy hair, and green and non-toxic household products, Shaklee gives you what you need to create healthier lives for you and your family.

This is a general product overview of the 'Gold Pack' which includes all of the main products in the Shaklee Family.  Purchasing this Gold Pack provides an amazing value and provides you with a total, usable product mix.