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Our Healthy Mission

The best way to predict the future is to create it.  
-Dr. Forrest Shaklee

Here are a few of the inspirational people that have partenered together  in Our Healthy Mission

Bonnie Donahue
Natural Home Blogger.  Founder of Project Dream International
Alexandra Haralson
Natural Home Blogger.  Creator at Alexandraharalson.com
Skip Stein
Cassandra Miller
Natural Home Blogger
Creator of the I'm Gonna Do It Movement
Wroter/Crfeator at That Crunchy Momma

Dr. Elizabeth Young
Owner & Nutrition Coach at
B Young Nutrition & Wellness
Heather Hicks
Yoga Instructor
Distributor at
Chef Nancy Stein
Certified Plant Based Cullinary Expert at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living
Kate Adler
School Teacher
Creator of 
Innovation Decoration

April Justet
Natural Home Blogger
Creator of Lucky 
Home Creations
Kendall Rasmusson
Nurse & Healthy Life
Style Coach
Pre-Med Graduate

How it Works & How to get Started

Upon joining the team, we will customize a personal plan for your new business and how it fits your lifestyle, and/or existing business best. A huge key to success is keeping your business plan current, we do this with scheduled one-on-one calls for growth, as well as weekly team calls to feed and inspire new ways of sharing our combined passion. You will have full access to our online community to the exclusive group Project Dream International along with Our Healthy Mission for additional support and files to promote on social media, furthermore you will have your own personal website! Each partner in Our Healthy Mission is a business owner helping individuals and families daily, as well as growing and networking with professionals.  Realtors & brokers as well as health care professionals, cleaning companies, personal trainers, yoga intructors, fitness clubs, bloggers, teachers and aestheticians are some of the professionals we have teamed up with successfully to help stream a second income and grow business. With many avenues to grow with Shaklee within Our Healthy Mission, there is only room to hit physical and personal life goals. Shaklee has been around for over 100 years and is the #1 nutrition company with clinical studies to back its purity, and belief of working as one with nature. Each of the professionals above have found a way of using and sharing Shaklee to create and grow business, and helping others to do the same. If owning a health and wellness business, helping others, and spreading awareness is for you- lets talk about you joining the team! 

If you are serious and you are ready to build your business with support-
 If you are ready to work your own hours-
If you are ready to learn how to earn an income sharing health and wellness...

Our Healthy Mission Partner will be in contact.

Hi I am Nichoelle, being the best mom I can be is my top priority, and sharing a balanced healthy lifestyle is my passion. Sharing how we do it, healthy recipes, DIY projects, and the health conscious products we use in our home is how I have had the opportunity to stay home with my children and help others to health.  A toxin free home, a clean diet and good quality supplements for myself and family is my lifelong goal, and I love to share its importance. Simple steps we can take to help ourselves feel our best can also play a big part in our shared home Earth, and the condion we leave it in for our future generations. Helping people pave the road to health, eliminating toxins and allergens from the home, and transforming life in all natural ways is so rewarding and contageous!  I love that with sharing my passion I am able to make my own hours, work from anywhere while being a stay at home mom, and I am able to contribute to the household financially.  The rewards have been endless with personal growth, helping others, and building my business. I am the founder and creator of Rub Organico, and Joining the Effect in Our Healthy Mission has been a game changer for my families future! Be Well!     Nichoelle Adler