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After Detox - What Happens Next?

Well, if you completed our Shaklee 5-Day Detox you should be felling great.  If you followed and stayed the course, you should be healthier, your body more responsive and well, 'cleaned out' if you know what I mean!

We hope you enjoyed the range of Shaklee Products we suggested for our Detox Program.  There are so many more products and opportunities to explore with Shaklee, we hope you do so!

What happens next is totally up to you.  I know, for many, this detox posed significant challenges but if you made it, you are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.  You just have to stay the course!

What does that mean? Well, you don't have to live on salads if that's what your thinking.  The detox suggestions for the DTX and Herb-Lax should't be necessary again for a while.

Did you realize, that if you stuck to this 5-day program, you were actually living a Plant-Based Lifestyle?  You were actually Vegan for a week!  Does that shock you?  See it's not all that different than your previous lifestyle except you eliminated most of the toxic food-substances  you used to comsume.  You didn't eat at a fast food place, you had no meat, fish, dairy or eggs! (the suggested Shaklee shakes and products had no dairy).

It wasn't all that hard was it?  Did you miss your buger and fries?  Probably you DID and that is normal.  You are fully Plant-Based yet; but you have one heck of a great start!

We have a program outline for you to follow and we can help you continue on your path to better health, feeling great and living longer happier healthier lives!

Check our Plant Based Lifestyle Web for more information!